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16×2 LCD interfacing with Raspberry Pi

In addition to the familiar USB, Ethernet and HDMI ports, the R-Pi offers lower-level interfaces intended to connect more directly with chips and subsystem modules. These GPIO (general purpose I/O) signals on the 2×13...


Electronics & Robotics Components Shops in Pune

There are two ways you can buy these components: Online & Offline. Offline: Campus Component Ackruti Chambers’, Office No. 308, 3rd Floor, Near Laxminarayan Theater, Swargate, Pune, Maharashtra 411037 (Phone: 020 2427 5291) –...


Raspberry Pi in Pune

So many times it happens where we need to deploy our Software/Embedded Project on Hardware. Only problem comes is creating Hardware based on ARM Processor & all its time consuming interfacing. But there is...