Graphics C/C++ Programming on Windows 7 using Borland Compiler

Many of you might be worried a lot about programming in C/C++ on Windows 7 Platform.
This article will definitely help you to do that.

Compiling Programs on Windows 7

  1. You have to download configured Borland Compiler here.
  2. Put your Borland’s ‘bin’ folder into Environmental Variables.
  3. Now go inside folder ‘bin’ & edit file bcc32.cfg as per your folder structure. This file contains settings of headers & libraries.
  4. Now create any C/C++ Program say myprogram.cpp:
  5. Use following command to compile this bunch of code:
Congratulations !!!.

Graphics Programming on Windows 7

If you are doing particularly the Graphics Programming then you have to consider few more files to compilation purpose.

  • winbgi.lib -> This file you can find in bin folder if your using zip provided by us.

Now create file for graphics programming.

Now to compile the code just execute following commands:

Hurray !!! You got it.

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Ganesh Bhosale

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  1. nodownload says:

    how about putting the graphics file on a host that isn’t retarded? 4shared is pos

  2. Debayan De says:

    Is this Borland compiler compatible in Windows 7 64-bit??

  3. Ash says:

    how do i instal this on my comp?

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