Complete guide to Ubuntu for PHP Web Development with LAMP Server, PHPMyAdmin & CodeIgniter

Hi Friends,

Follow the step below:

  1. Open Terminal & Update the packages
  2. Install LAMP Server
    In the middle of installation it will ask for MySQL Password. Use it as “root”
  3. After this installation, you will need to have phpmyadmin for DB Management.
  4. In the middle it will ask to choose apache2/lighttpd ? Choose apache2. This will install the phpmyadmin properly with apache server.
  5. If it asks for configuring phpmyadmin with dbconfig-common. Enter for <Yes>
  6. If it ask for password, Use “root”
  7. Now you need to Configure phpmyadmin with apache2
  8. This will open nano editor. Go to end of file and paste following lines:
  9. You will also need to change few more lines to enable this php for all users.
  10. Now save that file and restart the apache2 server
  11. You can check your project root folder at “/var/www/html”. Use html folder as project root.
    Open localhost at http://localhost and phpmyadmin at http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  12. This seems to be okey. But there are some more problems to this installation when you start using the any php framework.
  13. Changing folder permissions:
  14. Enable apache2 RewriteRule for .htaccess:
  15. This will restart the apache and enable the .htaccess
  16. Allowing PHPMyAdmin for big .sql files (Need to edit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini):
  17. Find the configuration lines (By using nano search Ctrl+W) and replace the values as below:
  18. Save and restart the apache2 server
  19. You are done !!! Happy Coding…:)

Ganesh Bhosale

From a laptop to a full organization, Ganesh has traveled a tough road. A commando, armed with the latest tech & a huge warehouse of knowledge, he leads by example & is here for the long haul. His strong belief in giving back more has borne rich fruits, both for his employees & clients.

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