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There are so many CRUD generators for Laravel Framework as it support commands and so many other features, but LaraAdmin is different from them in terms of reliability and flexibility over generated code. It not only helps user in creating Module Schema via Module Manger but also generates CRUD’s including Controller, Model, Migration with Module Schema, Views (Index, Show, Add, Edit) in seconds.

LaraAdmin claims to reduce the Admin Panel development time by atleast 40% because of its utilities. Only things remains is UI Changes & improvements in AdminLTE template.


  1. Fully open-source !!! Check source code on github.
  2. Easy to install with single install command.
  3. Philosophy: Inspired by SugarCRM & based on Advanced Data Types like Image, HTML, File, Dropdown, TagInput which makes developers job easy. See more in Module Manger.
  4. Full CRUD generation for Modules which includes Migration, Controller, Model and Views with single artisan command and integrates with Routes & Menu’s as as well.
  5. Form Maker helper is provided for generating entire form with single function call with module name as single parameter. It also gives you freedom to customise form for every field by providing method to generate single field with parameters for customisations.
  6. Open to extend by forking the package. Documentation of Extending LaraAdmin Package.
  7. Two types of Access Controls. 1. Via Zizaco Entrust and 2. Modular Access Control
  8. Upload Manager manages project files & images which are integrated with your Module fields. This also supports so many methods to reduce development time.
  9. Menu Manager creates menu with Modules & Custom Links likes WordPress.
  10. Add-on like Online Code Editor allows developers to customise the generated Module Views & Files.
  11. Configurations to customise theme and system parameters.
  12. Easy to upgrade within certain extent of UI and Logic changes
  13. See complete feature list of LaraAdmin.

Check out the details on:
Community: LaraAdmin on Google+
Twitter: @laraadmn
Source code:
Laravel Package: dwij/laraadmin
Sponsered by: Dwij IT Solutions
Author: Ganesh Bhosale

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