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CRUD Generator for Laravel – LaraAdmin

There are so many CRUD generators for Laravel Framework as it support commands and so many other features, but LaraAdmin is different from them in terms of reliability and flexibility over generated code. It not...


Top HTML5 Demos

HTML5 Canvas 3D Cubes Zen Photon Garden 30,000 Particles Gestures + Reveal.JS (webcam-based gesture recognition) demo Chrome Canopy The Cloth Simulation  Liquid Particles Tunneler Ball Pool


Why Facebook is so fast ???

More than billion of people are using Facebook and expressing themselves and interacting with their peer and friends through wall posts, uploading their photos, passing information’s about events and other meaningful information. They need a large scalable database...


Java Documentation Viewer for Android

It is about an android application that is useful for reading your Java Documentation on Mobiles, Tablets & Fablets. We face so many problem while accessing java documentation from devices because for their small...


Electronics & Robotics Components Shops in Pune

There are two ways you can buy these components: Online & Offline. Offline: Campus Component Ackruti Chambers’, Office No. 308, 3rd Floor, Near Laxminarayan Theater, Swargate, Pune, Maharashtra 411037 (Phone: 020 2427 5291) –...


Raspberry Pi in Pune

So many times it happens where we need to deploy our Software/Embedded Project on Hardware. Only problem comes is creating Hardware based on ARM Processor & all its time consuming interfacing. But there is...