CRUD Generator for Laravel – LaraAdmin

There are so many CRUD generators for Laravel Framework as it support commands and so many other features, but LaraAdmin is different from them in terms of reliability and flexibility over generated code. It not...

VTiger 6.3 Webforms not working – Solved 0

VTiger 6.3 Webforms not working – Solved

Lost an hour finding solution for this problem. Finally solved !!! Follow the steps: 1. create a table in same database like below:

2. You need to alter above table:

3. Need...

Prevent CSS or JS Caching by versioning 0

Prevent CSS or JS Caching by versioning

Many time it happen that we update the new css on server but we still face problems that user sees the old css. Use following methodology to prevent this to happen: This works by...


Top HTML5 Demos

HTML5 Canvas 3D Cubes Zen Photon Garden 30,000 Particles Gestures + Reveal.JS (webcam-based gesture recognition) demo Chrome Canopy The Cloth Simulation  Liquid Particles Tunneler Ball Pool

Facebook Like/Share Box not Visible 0

Facebook Like/Share Box not Visible

Generaly website css hides the overflow of Facebook Like or Share Box. You can solve this just by putting few lines of css code into your website css file. #content embed, #content iframe{max-width: 480%...


Why Facebook is so fast ???

More than billion of people are using Facebook and expressing themselves and interacting with their peer and friends through wall posts, uploading their photos, passing information’s about events and other meaningful information. They need a large scalable database...


Techfest 2014

Techfest is the annual science and technology festival of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. It also refers to the independent body of students who organize this event along with many other social initiatives and...

How to change default excerpt length in WordPress 0

How to change default excerpt length in WordPress

To do this you just need to add few lines of code in functions.php

You can replace value 50 according to your requirements. Here 99 is filter priority. You can read more about...


Search bar using ActionBarSherlock

Hello friends… Before we start, just refer “How to setup ActionBarSherlock in Android Project” and start implementing “Search bar using ActionBarSherlock”. Steps to create Search bar using ActionBarSherlock: As an example, we are going...